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General Dentist Site Selection Handbook
By Internationally Recognized Demographer - M. Scott McDonald
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This book is for those who want to know where to place or purchase a General Dental practice to increase the viability and reduce risk. It provides you the steps to find and analyze what you want to know and where you want to go. Scott McDonald has helped hundreds of dentists across the United States discover the places where there is demand for their services and to evaluate the viability of the location. Demographics, traffic, competition analysis, incomes, and psychographic character are all discussed in detail specifically for General Dental Practices. 
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Ground Breaking Book:
  • Market Segmentation for General Dentists. No one (and no practice) is right for everyone. This book will help explain who you SHOULD and COULD be attracting to your practice to increase your profitability as well as reduce the stress in your life. It reveals the process of Target Marketing.
  • Geography and Practice Boundaries. It is imperative that you determine the geographic boundaries your practice will occupy. This helps you be cost-effective in your marketing and selective in your messaging. It may even help you determine what name to use for your office. There is a chapter devoted entirely to getting to the root of your boundaries.
  • The Basics of Dental Psychographics. Sure, everyone has an idea of what demographics are. And dental sites are often evaluated upon the basis of competition ratios as well. But THIS book discusses Psychographics as well, what will make the difference between a great and mediocre site, and very specific ways to promote a practice to a particular group given this fascinating and useful information.
  • The Relationship between a Practice Brand and a Practice Location. Obviously, not all sites are equally desirable. Still, one must consider how the brand of a practice must match the patient-base that is found in a particular location. 
  • Evaluating Practice Visibility. There are very few experts out there who understand the relationship between office visibility and the determination its usefulness in site location. Visibility of an office will matter much more for some practice models than others. The issue of the price of the office can often be tied to the visibility of the site. 
  • Deconstructing Competition. Not all competition should be evaluated the same. And the ratio of dentists-to-population is an issue that needs some explanation. This book is one of the definitive tools to understand Competition issues including ratios, types, and increases.
  • The sequence of Search and Analysis. This book will take you step-by-step through the process of finding locations on a macro-level (large geographic area) and taking you through a site-specific search. It is intended to handling your specific priorities to help you get the best result possible. 
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